October 2, 2013

Fails vs Wins #7

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Win - We hired a new staff member! Her name is Eloise and she has a super cute blog Jazzlips and Tulips. She wore cat socks and jelly shoes. She's great!

Win - We got so much new stock in the shop this week! Cute stationary galore!

Fail - The website hasn't had products added for a while now sorry guys! We're making some changes to it at the moment and it's taking a bit longer than planned. I promise it's going to be better and have more products on it than ever once we're done.

Win - New Girl started again which means Schmidt is back in my life!

Win - We got a new counter in the shop - it's lavender.

September 20, 2013

Honestly Why!?

I used to call myself a lover of all things vintage. I've recently had to change this to 'MOST' things vintage. These adds from the 1940s-1950s have really thrown a curve ball at my mid century love affair. What is happening in these images!?

I cant even comprehend why any advertising company would think that demonic looking, slimy, smug faced, creepily happy children shoveling food in their faces would sell products!? Also why are those kids so hideously stoked about what they're being served? Jam on bread and baked beans are definitely not meals to loose your shit over.

Okay okay, calm down you might be thinking. 'It's just how things were back in the day' you might say? Well do me a favour please. Take a good long look at the boy eating out of the baked beans can and imagine you wake up in the night and he's standing next to your bed looking at you just like that. Now imagine the gross spoon he's holding is a knife........

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I might also add that on my quest for these little creeps I also came across the most sexist, racist and down right wrong adds from this time! What the hell were our Grandparents up to? Maby I should do a series?

Okay Rant Over :)

September 18, 2013

Fails vs Wins #6

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Fail - After work one night I met a friend at Golden Dawn for a quick drink. It's super close to the shop and I wasn't going to be long so I left Frankie in the shop with a little sign in the window saying 'Don't worry I'll be back for the puppy!' When I came back Frankie had POOPED in the window display, right underneath a mannequin! The Manny was wearing a dress and it looked like she had shat herself! Doh!

Win - We reached 10,000 likes on Facebook this week! Woop woop!

Fail - It's been very quiet in the shop this week and twice customers gave me leap worthy frights by just walking in. Seriously girl, you work in a shop! If customers are giving you frights something's wrong?!

Fail - I literally squealed with delight in the McDonalds drive through this week when I saw they are making a Cheese Burger size Big Mac. It's completely solved my (first world) problem of having to choose between two Cheese Burgers or a Big Mac. Now now I can have both! Seth gave me a look like 'you need to get out more girlfriend!' but I was too stoked to care. Time to get-a-life!

Fail - Txting my flatmate while on the bike at the gym asking if he wanted me to pick up takeaways on the way home. Why do I always dream about fast food at the gym!?

Win - I realised this week seemed to be a lot more fails than wins. I was looking around for something to be a win when I spotted the two convenience stores right across the street from the shop that always jam pack the street with flowers. It looks so pretty! Such a great view that I don't really take the time to enjoy. So I popped across the road and took a few pics. Simple Pleasures x

September 7, 2013

Back In The Day

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It's kind of hard to believe it was nearly three years ago I opened The Yellow Brick Roads doors for business for the very first time. It's gone so quickly but looking at these photos of our first year makes it feel like so long ago too! I love looking back at these old pics. Things are so different now, but still so the same. xxx

September 5, 2013

Fails vs Wins #5

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Fail - I threw my movie ticket in the bin accidentally thinking it was a receipt. That's just something I do. So I had to go back to the counter, they had to find the guy who served me to vouch that I actually bought the ticket bla bla bla - I know the drill. Kinda made it worse that I was seeing Despicable Me 2 alone. Okay not really alone but not with a kid and wouldn't that have made the story so much better -hehe!

Win - Running(I wish...walking/staggering/lunging/heaving)around the block to the Pokemon Theme Song! Seriously don't laugh till you try it! It's just so motivational.

Win - I saw a boat sinking with a man standing on top of it looking a little helpless when I was driving over the harbour bridge this week. I couldn't stop and nearly didn't do anything thinking someone else must have called for help, but I decided to call the coast guard just in case. It turned out no one had called and they we're going to send someone to help him. It reminded me of an interesting article about the 'Bystander Effect'. It explains how they did tests on crowds where they faked an emergency situation and watched as no-one helped, called police or interviened. It says the larger the crowd the less likely you're going to get help in a bad situation. Freaky! I don't know how seriously that man was in trouble or if he had already called someone? Perhaps he was sinking his boat on purpose for an insurance claim and I totally wrecked his retirement plan? But it made me feel good that if he was in trouble he would have been helped.

Win - Started watching the 'Mindy Project'. Love that Woman!

Win - Had breakfast at Freds before work today. Freaken love that place!

Fail - I accidentally downloaded a heavy metal cover of 'Livin On A Prayer' for my gym playlist. I was hoping for some Bon Jovi goodness to get me through that boring elliptical machine but what I really got was some guy screaming "GINA WORKS THE DINER ALL DAAAAAAYYYYYY!!" I got such a fright! Then I laughed out loud a little bit which is not cool when you're at the gym alone. The weirdest part of the whole ordeal was that by the end of the song I was secretly kinda into it! So wrong.