January 17, 2013

Adventure Time

Recently when we were on holiday in the south island of NZ we stumbled upon a gorgeous old court house in the small town of Hokitika. At one end there was a large room that was being rented out to a lovely old man called John - he was selling all kinds of second hand goodies that I was having a good old rummage through! As we got chatting about us both being Dutch I asked John about the building. I had already peeked through a few windows and noticed it looked abandoned. He gave me a little history on the building and then proceeded to hand over the keys so I could go 'explore'. I could have kissed him! I've always had a serious fetish for abandoned and derelict buildings so this was like Christmas! Here's some pics of what I found. (Sorry about the pics - I only had my phone on me)  photo IMG_4437.jpg  photo IMG_43942.jpg  photo IMG_4423.jpg  photo IMG_4411.jpg  photo IMG_4408.jpg  photo IMG_43962.jpg  photo IMG_4404.jpg  photo IMG_4398.jpg  photo IMG_4400.jpg  photo IMG_4418.jpg  photo IMG_4433.jpg So it turns out the place isn't actually abandoned, it's own by a lady in Auckland and has been empty for years and it's for sale! (Dreams are free!) It was built in the late 18th century and used as the towns court house. It even had a cell room for prisoners. We had a good look at the walls in the cell and you could see scribbles and names drawn on the wall from prisoners some dated around 1922. Maby this is one of those 'you had to be there' moments but it was one of the highlights of our holiday for me. Meet a great old guy who reminded me so much of my Opa, explored a beautiful empty mansion and scored some sweet records from John! Just Brilliant really! Ruthie xxx

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