March 31, 2013

Location Scout

A few months ago my cousin-in-law (if that's a thing?)/ Flatmate / BFF -hehe! made THIS for the shop. It's a short clip inspired by The Yellow Brick Road. I'm so incredibly lucky to have it! Harley is the creator of Waihi Media and he's a crazy freaky film genius. We wanted to find the perfect location so we set about exploring forests we could get to easily from Auckland. We weren't after a native NZ forest look so it was little harder to find. We wanted a whimsical bare pine forest feel. This was the first forest we visited out west Auckland. I took the main costume for the film to get a feel of how it would all look. We didn't end up shooting here but it was a great trip! Check out Harley's website and the Vid!  photo DSC_4198.jpg  photo DSC_4154.jpg  photo DSC_4220.jpg  photo DSC_4199.jpg  photo DSC_4232.jpg  photo DSC_4186.jpg  photo DSC_4189.jpg

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