June 13, 2013

That Time We Made A Shop

I thought I'd share a few pics I took on my phone during the fit-out of the Ponsonby shop. It was such a crazy, dirty, tiring, stressful, expensive time!! It was amazing! We did the whole thing with the help of family and friends - for a small business with an equally small budget this was a life saver! We literally couldn't have done it with out them. Over that time we designed, built walls, wired lights, put down a floor, fixed walls, wall papered (with vintage paper from the 1930s!)plastered, scraped, sanded, stained, painted, fixed old furniture and turned a basically empty concrete shell into the little wonderland it is today. I think the guys in Bunnings got sick of seeing me there everyday! I was basically at the shop night and day for weeks with the family kind of working shifts they could. Poor Seth would work all day at the Zoo then come work the night at the shop. I was constantly filthy and wearing gross outfits. I got used to wandering around covered head to toe in white plaster. It was actually quite liberating looking disgusting in public and not giving a rip! I pretty much owe my family favours for the rest of my life but it was worth it! I love my new shop so much. It's so awesome when people have such great reactions when they first come in. I've never slept as sound as I did when I was doing hard labour. PS. Turns out after we built, gibed and plastered the walls our level was broken! So don't look to closely when you're in-store! haha! xxx  photo PicMonkeyCollage-2.jpg  photo PicMonkeeyCollage.jpg  photo PicMonkey7Collage.jpg  photo PicMonkey2Collage.jpg  photo PicMonkey1Collage.jpg  photo PicMonkey3Collage.jpg  photo PicMonkey4Collage.jpg  photo PicMonkey6Collage.jpg  photo 578956_496406173711730_394333438_n.jpg Sorry about the bad phone pics! The place was way to grubby to have my camera there! xxx

June 11, 2013

Fails vs Wins #1

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-6.jpg

Fail - I walked past a table of super trendy Karen Walker clad girls sitting outside SPQR that all stared and laughed when I was just out of ear shot. I was super annoyed thinking they were being all judgey about my outfit or something, but then I realised I was having a very serious phone convo on my cell that had a hot pink case with huge bunny ears on it. I suppose having a serious business call on a bunny phone is a bit weird?! Still though, sunglasses inside is not okay! Hehe!

Win - Was featured in Your Home and Garden Magazine! Frankie got his portrait taken too. Thanks so much for the article Your Home and Garden!

Win - A lovely customer bought me in a little ceramic swan she found in an op-shop just because she thought would like it. She was 100% right! It's now proudly on the counter with business cards in it. That made my whole week!

Fail - Frankie wee'd on another dogs head! Yes you read that right. A cute little poodle ran up to him outside the shop to say hello and Frankie just cocked his leg and pissed right in his face! I was so embarrassed - luckily the owner thought is was funny and it was a tiny amount of wee but still. Just terrible.

Win - Re-watched one of my top 5 favourite movies of all time with a friend. Benny and Joon. She loved it which was great because there's nothing worse than talking something up and having it so close to your heart for someone you like to hate it after. If you haven't seen it you must. It's Johnny Depp in all his early 90s glory. Ahhhhh! I freaken love it okay!