August 26, 2013

A Few Photos

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I just thought I would share a few snaps of the shop I took in between outfit changes at the stores latest website shoot. xxx

August 24, 2013

Fails vs Wins #4

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Win - I found this great cover of the almighty Jay-Z's 99 Problems. It's pretty great!

Win - Okay so I know I'm like literally 10 years late but I just started watching Grey's Anatomy. I had seriously never seen a single episode! I've just finished season 2 and I'm completely hooked! That moment in the finale when Alex carries Izzie off Dennys dead body just broke my soul.

Fail - Letting soap opera type shows like Greys Anatomy make me cry like a 5 year old child. My face looked like a tragic anime cartoon after that episode - I had two thick back streams of eye makeup down my cheeks.

Win - I was given the complete Friends series box set on Blu-Ray for my B-day. It's so crazy re-watching it all in crystal clear definition. Man I love Ross! I can't get enough of that guy.

Fail - I put the shops yellow gum ball machine and yellow coat stand in the window for a little change of scenery. I thought it looked pretty cute but now everyday I hear "No you can't have a lolly pop!" then I see some child's sad desperate face smushed up against the glass longing for some candy. What a bully I am! It's like I've dangled treats in front of every child that wanders past and I'm sitting inside eating lollies and laughing in their disappointed little faces. It's just mean!

August 22, 2013

Your Home And Garden

It was a while ago now but I haven't shared this on the blog yet so sorry for the delay but here's some of the pics that were taken for an article in Your Home and Gardens June issue. I was seriously over the moon when Leanne the Editor contacted me saying she was interested in doing a story. I could never afford that kind of exposure so it's just awesome when people like what you do enough to want to feature you.
The photos were taken by the lovely Helen Bankers. Check out her website here. I felt like such a cheesy dork in the pics but she was so nice and made the whole experience really fun. I wore my Star Wars dress from Swonderful boutique.

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August 21, 2013

Fails vs Wins #3

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Win - It was my Birthday this week! I nearly made this a fail. Not too keen on being well on the other side of 25 now.

Win - On my Birthday one of Seths geckos gave birth to a little cutie pie baby green gecko. 'His' name is Ruth.

Fail - Still can't walk on the treadmill at the gym without holding onto the bar. I'm just so out of control and un-co! I know I'm just a viral youtube video waiting to happen on that thing.

Win - Got my fringe/bangs back! I know I know, boring to everyone but me but it's my Birthday okay. I'm allowed!

Fail - Went to an open home ALONE on behalf of my Mother in Law. On top of looking/feeling like a kid who was pretending to be a grown up I did one of those awkward ankle rolls where you just fall half way and then recover by running a little bit. It was really loud so all the fancy couples who were schmoozing around the house turned to see who the dork was. I then made it worse by saying 'Whoopsie Daisies!'. Who am I? An 80 year old british lady? Maby Hugh Grant from Notting Hill?

Win - Bought an awesome beaded cropped jacket off ASOS that makes me look like I'm some kind of Matador! Brilliant!

Win - Went to a good friends wedding. He found his perfect match, they're the cutest darn couple ever. They walked into the reception to the Game of Thrones theme song - classic! Plus I got to wear my new Violet Skull Dress.

Fail - Bought myself the Violet Skull Dress then it sold out straight away. I hate it when that happens! People are coming in for the dress and I'm standing there wearing it saying 'sorry it's all gone!' I feel like such a greedy guts! Shop girls of the world do ya feel me? I'm sure it's happened to you too right?

Win - Bought an awesome set of yellow industrial draws off trademe for a steal! They came out of a lovely old guys work shed and after a good scrub up they're looking great and perfect for all my sewing things.

August 13, 2013


About a year after I opened The Yellow Brick Road - back in Parnell, Greta from Vela Images took these gorgeous pics of the shop. It was so amazing to have such professional whimsical images of my little shop! It was like seeing it in fresh eyes. Greta is such an wonderful photographer! Check out her website and follow her on Facebook. xxx  photo Blog4.jpg  photo Blog2.jpg  photo Blog1.jpg  photo blog10.jpg  photo blog7.jpg  photo Blog8.jpg  photo Blog11.jpg  photo Blog17H.jpg  photo BLOG18.jpg  photo Blog5.jpg

August 12, 2013

Fails vs Wins #2

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Win - I joined the Gym! Thought it was about time I did some physical activity. It's been 5 years since I did so suppose that's really a fail isn't it?

Fail - It's been 5 years since I exercised. There we go.

Fail - Tripped on the last step and fell into the reception of the gym on my second visit. Doh!

Win - Bought a gorgeous vintage dress off Etsy to wear to a wedding and it's amazing!

Fail - Started biting my nails again after a month of being chew free. It's so hard! Whyyyyy?

Win - I taught Frankie to shut doors on command. It's seriously cute!

Win - We got our second visit from the local Cat/Dog called Ari. Frankie just stares at him confused.

Win - We had a lovely shop visit from Amanda from Here Comes The Sun and she took a super cute photo of our new Cat Earrings.

Win - We had two cat related wins this week! That deserves it's own win for sure!