August 12, 2013

Fails vs Wins #2

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Win - I joined the Gym! Thought it was about time I did some physical activity. It's been 5 years since I did so suppose that's really a fail isn't it?

Fail - It's been 5 years since I exercised. There we go.

Fail - Tripped on the last step and fell into the reception of the gym on my second visit. Doh!

Win - Bought a gorgeous vintage dress off Etsy to wear to a wedding and it's amazing!

Fail - Started biting my nails again after a month of being chew free. It's so hard! Whyyyyy?

Win - I taught Frankie to shut doors on command. It's seriously cute!

Win - We got our second visit from the local Cat/Dog called Ari. Frankie just stares at him confused.

Win - We had a lovely shop visit from Amanda from Here Comes The Sun and she took a super cute photo of our new Cat Earrings.

Win - We had two cat related wins this week! That deserves it's own win for sure!

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