August 21, 2013

Fails vs Wins #3

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Win - It was my Birthday this week! I nearly made this a fail. Not too keen on being well on the other side of 25 now.

Win - On my Birthday one of Seths geckos gave birth to a little cutie pie baby green gecko. 'His' name is Ruth.

Fail - Still can't walk on the treadmill at the gym without holding onto the bar. I'm just so out of control and un-co! I know I'm just a viral youtube video waiting to happen on that thing.

Win - Got my fringe/bangs back! I know I know, boring to everyone but me but it's my Birthday okay. I'm allowed!

Fail - Went to an open home ALONE on behalf of my Mother in Law. On top of looking/feeling like a kid who was pretending to be a grown up I did one of those awkward ankle rolls where you just fall half way and then recover by running a little bit. It was really loud so all the fancy couples who were schmoozing around the house turned to see who the dork was. I then made it worse by saying 'Whoopsie Daisies!'. Who am I? An 80 year old british lady? Maby Hugh Grant from Notting Hill?

Win - Bought an awesome beaded cropped jacket off ASOS that makes me look like I'm some kind of Matador! Brilliant!

Win - Went to a good friends wedding. He found his perfect match, they're the cutest darn couple ever. They walked into the reception to the Game of Thrones theme song - classic! Plus I got to wear my new Violet Skull Dress.

Fail - Bought myself the Violet Skull Dress then it sold out straight away. I hate it when that happens! People are coming in for the dress and I'm standing there wearing it saying 'sorry it's all gone!' I feel like such a greedy guts! Shop girls of the world do ya feel me? I'm sure it's happened to you too right?

Win - Bought an awesome set of yellow industrial draws off trademe for a steal! They came out of a lovely old guys work shed and after a good scrub up they're looking great and perfect for all my sewing things.

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