September 5, 2013

Fails vs Wins #5

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Fail - I threw my movie ticket in the bin accidentally thinking it was a receipt. That's just something I do. So I had to go back to the counter, they had to find the guy who served me to vouch that I actually bought the ticket bla bla bla - I know the drill. Kinda made it worse that I was seeing Despicable Me 2 alone. Okay not really alone but not with a kid and wouldn't that have made the story so much better -hehe!

Win - Running(I wish...walking/staggering/lunging/heaving)around the block to the Pokemon Theme Song! Seriously don't laugh till you try it! It's just so motivational.

Win - I saw a boat sinking with a man standing on top of it looking a little helpless when I was driving over the harbour bridge this week. I couldn't stop and nearly didn't do anything thinking someone else must have called for help, but I decided to call the coast guard just in case. It turned out no one had called and they we're going to send someone to help him. It reminded me of an interesting article about the 'Bystander Effect'. It explains how they did tests on crowds where they faked an emergency situation and watched as no-one helped, called police or interviened. It says the larger the crowd the less likely you're going to get help in a bad situation. Freaky! I don't know how seriously that man was in trouble or if he had already called someone? Perhaps he was sinking his boat on purpose for an insurance claim and I totally wrecked his retirement plan? But it made me feel good that if he was in trouble he would have been helped.

Win - Started watching the 'Mindy Project'. Love that Woman!

Win - Had breakfast at Freds before work today. Freaken love that place!

Fail - I accidentally downloaded a heavy metal cover of 'Livin On A Prayer' for my gym playlist. I was hoping for some Bon Jovi goodness to get me through that boring elliptical machine but what I really got was some guy screaming "GINA WORKS THE DINER ALL DAAAAAAYYYYYY!!" I got such a fright! Then I laughed out loud a little bit which is not cool when you're at the gym alone. The weirdest part of the whole ordeal was that by the end of the song I was secretly kinda into it! So wrong.

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