September 18, 2013

Fails vs Wins #6

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Fail - After work one night I met a friend at Golden Dawn for a quick drink. It's super close to the shop and I wasn't going to be long so I left Frankie in the shop with a little sign in the window saying 'Don't worry I'll be back for the puppy!' When I came back Frankie had POOPED in the window display, right underneath a mannequin! The Manny was wearing a dress and it looked like she had shat herself! Doh!

Win - We reached 10,000 likes on Facebook this week! Woop woop!

Fail - It's been very quiet in the shop this week and twice customers gave me leap worthy frights by just walking in. Seriously girl, you work in a shop! If customers are giving you frights something's wrong?!

Fail - I literally squealed with delight in the McDonalds drive through this week when I saw they are making a Cheese Burger size Big Mac. It's completely solved my (first world) problem of having to choose between two Cheese Burgers or a Big Mac. Now now I can have both! Seth gave me a look like 'you need to get out more girlfriend!' but I was too stoked to care. Time to get-a-life!

Fail - Txting my flatmate while on the bike at the gym asking if he wanted me to pick up takeaways on the way home. Why do I always dream about fast food at the gym!?

Win - I realised this week seemed to be a lot more fails than wins. I was looking around for something to be a win when I spotted the two convenience stores right across the street from the shop that always jam pack the street with flowers. It looks so pretty! Such a great view that I don't really take the time to enjoy. So I popped across the road and took a few pics. Simple Pleasures x

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